Special Thanks

There are some people who I would like to thank.  People who have helped with this project, and who have helped me in other ways.

Jason Collier - My co-host from The Expanded Fandomverse.  Thank you for carrying on with TEF after I had to step away from the mic, and for making it better than ever before!  And a big thanks to Jason for all his help in Photoshop.  My PS skillz are weak, so anytime I need some image work done, he is there to lend a hand. - www.TheExpandedFandomverse.com

"Lumberjack" Nick Diak - Nick was a guest on The Expanded Fandomverse, who was doing a sketch-a-day for the countdown until Episode VII was released, and to raise awareness for his favorite charities.  I've been following Nick's artwork online ever since, and have been a big fan.  (He is the Fred Hembeck of his generation!) Thank you to Nick for the great sketch of the Millenium Falcon I'm using for our logo.  It's amazing! I hope we can get it on a t-shirt soon!  - Sketch Wars

Micheal Corley - Mike is the official voice of LT12P.  That's Mr. Corely's pipes you hear at the beginning and ending of each episode.  Mike is also a former guest on TEF, and is the host of Vox Box Star Wars Podcast.  Mike is a talented guy who I highly recommend if you're in need of a voice over artist.  Thank you Micheal for adding a touch of class to this little show! - www.VoxBoxPodcast.com

Allen Voivod - Allen is the host of the world's ONLY daily Star Wars podcast, Star Wars 7x7.  "Seven minutes a day, seven days a week, it is destiny unleashed!"  (I promise you, I do not have the dedication to make LT12P daily, and I am not going to step into Allen's territory!) Allen is the king of the short shows, and he puts on one of the best podcasts out there.  I've been a big fan since the beginning.  Before I launched this project, I felt the need to ask Allen for his blessing.  He said I didn't need to, but I wanted to, and I wanted to say thanks here for the inspiration.  Allen and I have hosted The Expanded Comicverse in the past, a monthly Marvel Star Wars comic book review show, and we are working on bringing that back soon.  So stay tuned! - www.SW7x7.com

Dan White - Dan was a guy I met when doing my beta-period of The Expanded Fandomverse, and who had turned into a good online friend.  Dan has contributed to TEF family of shows in the past, and we hope to have more of him in the future.  My conversations with Dan about Star Wars have been some of my favorite ever.  He's a curmudgeon, but he also puts more thought into these nerd things than anyone I know.

Kate Degroot - What kind of husband would I be if I didn't thank my better half!  Thanks Kate for putting up with me, and having to hear so much nerdiness in the background!  Check out Kate's Etsy shop! - Maine Days Designs