All About LT12P

Welcome to Less than 12 parsecs where we talk about everything Star Wars. On the podcast, we cover everything from news, fan theories, trailers, movies and adult beverages.

Taking you on this journey are your three hosts, Jeremy, Ryan and Charles.

Jeremy is member of his local 501st garrison. He is an accomplished armor and soft goods builder as well as a 3D printing hobbyist. Jeremy enjoys delving into fan theories and speculation of upcoming movies. He also enjoys exploring costume design from the original trilogy.

Ryan is also a member of his local 501st garrison. He loves his tie pilots and imperial gunners. Ryan is a major original trilogy fan and loves to explore everything the Star Wars universe has to offer. Ryan delves deep into theories surrounding new trailers and loves to speculate. Ryan has a love of podcasts, even guest hosting on several Star Wars podcasts.

Rounding out the trio is Charles. Like Ryan and Jeremy, Charles too is a 501st member. He is an expert 3D print designer and hobbyist. Charles’ printer never stops. He is an expert armor builder, taking meticulous care in building the most screen accurate costume armor possible. Charles is an avid original trilogy fan and has a strong admiration for the Old Republic.

Together, these three hope to bring you all your Star Wars needs wrapped up in one podcast. From fan theories to adult beverages, everything Star Wars is on the table. We hope you enjoy Less Tann 12 parsecs!