All About LT12P

To understand the origin of Less Than Twelve Parsecs, you have to go back to late 2013/early 2014.


Around that time, I started to really get into Star Wars podcasts.  They were the aural wallpaper of my life.  I enjoyed them so much that I said  to myself, "Hey, I wanna give this a try!".

I didn't really have an special concept for a show, I just knew I wanted to talk to other Star Wars fans about about our shared love of that galaxy far, far away...  So, with that in mind, I started The Expanded Fandomverse.

note: At the time, I thought this title was pretty punny!  This was before the EU transformed into Legends, before the term "Expanded Universe" had so much baggage attached to it within the fan community.  - If I had to do it all over again, I might have gone with The Millennium Fandom.

So anyway, I did ten episodes of The Expanded Fandomverse, which I called my beta-period.  In this time I learned it was more fun to talk to fans who were doing things with their love of Star Wars, than to just sit down with random people and go "You like Star Wars? Hey, I like Star Wars too!".  ---I also learned that I didn't like the sound of my own voice, and I would probably be better off with a co-host.

That's when I asked Mr. Jason Collier to join the show.  He had been a guest during my beta-period, and seemed like a pretty good guy!  So, we relaunched TEF, with the goal of talking to Star Wars fans (not SW Celebrities, not SW Creators, but SW Fans) who were doing awesome projects.  Fan-films, podcasts, self-published authors, etc.  We wanted makers and doers.

The new version of the show was so much fun to make!  And while we were not the most polished Star Wars podcasters out there, we were recognized by, where excited to be listed on their community page!

Cut to last year...

While The Expanded Fandomverse was a great hobby, real life stepped in.  I wont go into the details here, but events in my personal life lead to new responsibilities that have taken up a huge chunks of my free time.  Such large chunks, that I needed to step away from the microphone.

The Expanded Fandomverse lives on, but just without me.  Jason Collier has done some great things with the show, and I do pop up from time to time on the occasional episode, but, it's no longer my baby.

That was about a year ago.  In the last year, I have really missed doing a show.  But try as I might, I just do not have the free time to produce one.  For every hour of podcast you hear, there are three hours of work behind it!  But rather then let me get this down, I started to think...

Some of my favorite Star Wars podcasts are short shows.  Allen Voivod's Star Wars 7x7 is only 7 minutes long.  Michael Corley's Vox Box Star Wars Comic Book Podcast is only 10 to 15 mins long.  And Star Wars Minute clocks in around 20 minutes per episodes.  So, I wondered, could I come up with a short show of my own?  Something I could work on in the few free moments I have here and there in my day?

And with that, the idea for Less Than 12 Parsecs, the fastest Star Wars podcast in the galaxy, was born!

My idea was a simple one...  What could I do with only 2 minutes?

Honestly, as I write this, before I publish the first episode, I'm not sure what the answer to this question is going to be (though I do have a few ideas in the back of my head), but I am going to have fun finding out!  And hope you explore this concept with me!

I can tell you two things about this show that I am certain about... I'm doing this for the fun of it, AND, to meet new people!  One of the best things about doing The Expanded Fandomverse was all the new people I met, and the great friends I have made.  I hope to continue that with LT12P.  And so, that said, if you, (yes you!), want to be on the show, I will be happy to have you.  I am opening up LT12P to all comers!  Just drop me a note on social media or via email, and we will get you on!

Well, that's it.  That is my long winded explanation of what Less Than 12 Parsecs is all about.  It's short, it's fun, its going to be ever evolving, and it's going to involve you!

Thanks for reading & listening!