Thursday, May 10, 2018

Dumb Stuff I Thought About Star Wars As A Kid

A few months ago, Star Wars Junk, a great Star Wars YouTube show, did a subject I loved so much, that I knew I was eventually going to steel it!  And so I did! (But, with The Junkman's approval, of course.)  Star Wars Junk did an episode called "Dumb Stuff I Thought About Star Wars As A Kid".  You can watch it below!

Well, today, I share with you in, in LT12P fashion, five things I thought as I child that really, in retrospect, were kinda rather stupid!  Have a listen, and then tell me what dumb things you thought about Star Wars as a kid.  The Junkman and I cant be the only ones who had some crazy ideas when they were younglings!

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