Friday, January 5, 2018

Weekly News Roundup for January 5th, 2018

Hey, I'm bringing back a classic... It's the Less Than 12 Parsecs Weekly News Roundup!  Can you believe I haven't don't one of these since June 9th!  That's crazy!

For those of you who don't remember the Weekly News Roundup, what I do is once a week, I recap and review all the Star Wars headlines that grabbed my attention in the previous seven days, and I share a quick thought or opinion about each story.  This is Less Than 12 Parsecs, we don't have time for indepth analysis, and LT12P shouldn't be your source for Star Wars news.  That said, it's fun to recap the weeks big headlines!

The Weekly News Roundup is always unscripted, so please bear with me as I babble.  Normally I try to keep these episodes between 3 and 7 minutes, but I am a little out of practice and went on for 9 minutes.  Sorry!  But thanks for listening anyway, and please enjoy!

The Last Jedi: Biggest Film Of The Year -

The Last Jedi In China -

John Williams Is Back For Han Solo (Sorta) -

Han Solo Leaked Artwork (Possible Spoilers!) -

Han Solo Lego Sets (Possible Spoilers!) -

Christian Bale In Star Wars -

Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire Opens -

2005's Battlefront II Patched! -

Rogue One Homage In Black Mirror -