Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Less Than 12 Rebels Fan Film Review Show with Kaden & Tim - #0001

The Rebel Chatter Podcast Presents...
A Less Than 12 Parsecs Production...
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The Less Than 12 Rebels Fan Film Review Show with Kaden & Tim!

What is this all about?  Well, back in episode #0165 of Less Than 12 Parsecs, I was talking about all the little group of Star Wars fandom.  I called them Star Wars sub-communities.  And I wondered if there was a community of Star Wars fan film, film critics.  (I have since found out there is!)

Well, after I published the episode, I received a message on Facebook from Kaden Stetler from the Rebel Chatter Podcast.  He thought the idea of a "Siskel & Ebert" for Star Wars fan films would make a great podcast!  So, we got together two weeks later, and voila!  This episode is our take on Star Wars fan film, film criticism.  This is our first episode, and we hope to do one or two of these a month, if our schedules allow.

Here are the films we review in this episode...

The Old Republic: Rescue Mission

Directed by Dean Musumeci & Michael Irwin

Screenplay by Kirstin McKenzie & Liam Shanahan

Stephanie Elkington, Cassandra Bleechmore & Matthew Keating.

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The Lost Starfighter

Directed by Nick Murphy & Paul Ritchey

Written by Paul Ritchey, Nick Murphy & Matthew Schmid

Blue Leader - Kate Banford
Blue Five - Jacquie Baker
Blue Two - Matthew Schmid
Blue Three - Aaron Nevins
Blue Four - Dan McAleese
Frengk - Mick Lauer
TR-5H - Matt Scottoline



Directed by Kevin Rubio

Written by Kevin Rubio, David Hargrove, David McDermott & Steven Melching

Eric Hilleary
Cam Clarke
Caleb Skinner
Jess Harnell


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Twitter: @RebelChatterHQ