Monday, January 29, 2018

Evan Pettit IS Rick Olie!

My enjoyment with the Twitter account @Rick_Olie_Quote continues.  I apologize if you've grown bored with this, but I have a few more episodes left in me on this topic!

Today on the show I sit down and chat with Evan Pettit, the man behind this account.  In just a few minutes he shares with me the origin of the site, we debate the pronunciation of Olie, and he shares a great story about his run in with actor Ralph Brown.

And of course, Evan will be back tomorrow to sit through my 10 Stoopid Questions, which will be all about your favorite pilot from Naboo, Ric Olie!

PS - Yes, I did mean to spell Rick with a K in the show title.  No need to bug me about it! :-p