Sunday, November 6, 2016

Podcasters Spotlight: Stephen Kent

With Election Day just two days away here in the United States, it's time to get political!  Don't worry, I found a way to do it with being decisive and partisan.

Instead, I invited onto the show Mr. Stephen Kent, co-host of the great podcast "Beltway Banthas".  So, enjoy this installment of our Podcasters Spotlight segment.  And, be sure to come back tomorrow, when I make Stephen sit through 10 stoopid questions, with only 10 seconds to each one!

And don't forget, the Less Than 12 Parsecs merchandise giveaway contest continues.  Simply leave us a review on iTunes and/or Sticher to get your name entered into the hat for some fabulous prizes.  Contest runs through January 1st.  See yesterday's post for all the details! -

NOTE: Stephen was kind enough to talk with me as he and his family were driving to Orlando, Florida to visit Walt Disney World.  Occasionally, our connect would drop out, and his sentences would be cut off.  I have edited around these dead spots.  I just wanted to let you, the listener, know that if Stephen's thoughts seem incomplete, they are not, it was due to technical difficulties.  Stephen was kind enough to offer to re-record these parts, but I did not want to intrude on his family vacation. Thank you Stephen for the offer! Hope you're  having fun!

Stephen's Links...
Twitter: @BeltwayBanthas & @Stephen_Kent89